Black generational disconnect –

William T. Robinson, Jr.

Differences in ideals and philosophies are a given among varying age groups, but can an impasse exist that makes mutual productive progress impossible? Most people refer to the differences of values/attitudes between the older  and younger generations as the ‘generation gap.’ It can be expected that the varying experiences of these different age groups will bring about a noticeable difference in how the two generations see things and relate. Hopefully, it would be great to believe that a middle ground or mutual understanding is possible that will not drastically impede the two generations coming together in unity when needed. This generation gap is nothing new and has probably existed since the beginning of time.

Older generations should not be surprised or be too judgmental when the younger generation manifests oppositional values (different ways of doing things, especially trends, contrary to the views of the older generation), remembering the older generation did the same thing in ‘their day.’ These differences are reflected in dance, music, clothes, trends, philosophies, and priorities. So it is not surprising to see essential differences, especially generational differences, in the Black community. Often these differences in dance and music are raising eyes.

We must be mindful that generational changes are going to happen, but it is the extent and severity of those changes that brings about condemnation

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