Generation Gap: Ranking each and every Audi RS Avant wagon – Driving

When it comes to sorting through some of the quickest wagons in the world, there are no losers, only winners.

That’s part of what makes it hard to put one amazing Audi RS Avant ahead of another when examining the history of the German automaker’s hottest badge.

Consider this a gentle shuffling of the RS hierarchy, with some cars taking a ‘first among equals’ position, and even those that find themselves at the rear of the pack still delivering a phenomenal driving experience. Here’s our ranking of each and every generation of the Audi RS Avant wagon.

1994-1995 Audi RS2 Avant

1994 saw Audi launch the RS 2 Avant on the market, the first ever RS model. Its quattro drive incorporated an electromechanically activated locking differential at the rear axle.


What to do when you need to build a high-performance wagon, but are starting largely from scratch? Turn to Porsche, which played a major role in helping Audi tap into the speed and style segment that was still relatively new to the suddenly upmarket automaker in the early ’90s.

Porsche had already tried its hand tuning rival metal with its successful Mercedes-Benz collaboration, the 500E, and the RS2 represented a similar type of project. Featuring a 2.2-liter 315-horsepower five-cylinder motor, the wagon roared to 100 km/h in a scant 5.3 seconds, which was incredible for the 1994

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