How CIOs Can Nurture a Culture of Digital Transformation – InformationWeek

To foster long-term resiliency and workplace innovation, IT leaders must invest in employees’ skills and create an open and inclusive environment where people feel valued.

Image: Wright Studio -

Image: Wright Studio –

As chief information officers rethink how to drive innovation amid uncertainty, many are realizing effective digital transformation requires much more than just implementing new technologies or processes. In fact, in a recent study from Harvard Business Review, having “an organizational culture that doesn’t easily adapt to changing business conditions” was named by IT leaders surveyed as the top reason why digital transformation efforts fail, beating out IT budget constraints and operations backlogs. 

To enact digital transformation that not only secures enterprise adoption but is also embraced by employees at all levels, IT leaders and CIOs need to promote an empowered culture of innovation that enables agility, improved data management and dynamic workflows among different workgroups. After all, who better to engage with and tackle problems than the frontline workers who are living and breathing business process challenges?

Navigating the new ‘business as usual’

Enterprise companies are facing challenges to business continuity and, really, the complete reorganization of all their growth strategies. As a result, executive leaders grappling with the uncertainties that 2020 (and beyond) has to offer are experiencing staggered workflows and cultural fragmentation that are negatively impacting productivity.

Businesses in most industries have been able to stabilize operations after the turmoil caused by the pandemic in the

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