Plugging-in generation gap — being your child’s best friend – Times of Oman

A child who finds a friend in his father finds a treasure in life!
 There is no better relationship than a prudent and faithful friend. The basic foundation of every relationship is friendship. However, communication is the key. It is indeed the engine of a perfect relationship between a parent and a child. With the age of transition, it is seen that children struggle to understand and go along with their parents in different phases of life. In the whole process of the change, effective communication is getting overblown.

I, Anis Sajan, Vice Chairman of Danube Group and my wife Rubina Sajan are parents to two children: Azhar (23 years) and Sahil (20 years). As parents, we cannot afford to ignore the duties of raising them in a significant way. However, there is no denying the fact there is a sure visible generation gap between me and my children in my family. The values, tastes and outlook on life are different with each generation. In general, both parents and children do not see things from the standpoint of each other. As a father of two, I believe that listening and empathising with the children is important for a parent to strengthen the relationship. Here are a few things which parents can look deeper into to have a better relationship with their children and bridging the generation gap.

Unleashing the true friendship power

Being the child’s first friend is the best thing to do. First a friend, you will always have

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