The 2023 BMW M2 Will Be An Entirely Different Machine Built on the Ashes of the Current Model – Top Speed

2023 BMW M2 – Not The M3 and M4’s Baby Brother Anymore

BMW is Quite Literally Rewriting the M2's DNA Exterior Spyshots
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Weight distribution will be 50:50

And since the new M2 is based on the CLAR architecture, body rigidity will increase by 40-percent

The current BMW M2 has been very well received and praised for its on-road and on-track performance, but it was kind of its own model, featuring a different engine and largely different engineering compared to its bigger siblings, the BMW M3 and BMW M4. Like the S55 straight-six, the BMW M2s engineering could be considered a bit old compared to the rest of the BMW lineup, but the next-gen model will change all that with engineering (from top to bottom) that matches the models that sit above it. This will be the basis for better handling, better performance, and a better overall driving experience, but it’s not as cut and dry as that.

Goodbye S55, Hello S58 – Bringing Big Power to the Little M2


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